Stone Sour’s debut album, produced by Tom Tatman at Catamount Recording Studio, yielded three hit singles, two Grammy nominations and a Gold Record.

National Releases

Catamount is a state-of-the-art professional recording studio located in Cedar Falls, Iowa. We specialize in album production with over 500 releases to date. Past record company clients include:

  • Roadrunner
  • Warner Bros.
  • Columbia
  • Wind Up
  • SubPop
  • Grass/BMG
  • Shrapnel/Relativity
  • Word
  • Link/Hollywood
  • Time/Warner
  • Simon & Schuster
  • Many others


Catamount Studios was designed by Carl Yanchar of Wave~Space, Los Angeles. Carl’s clients include many legendary recording studios such as The Plant, Mad Hatter, Capitol Recording Studios, CBS Studios, and Lionshare.

Client Testimonials

“Phenomenal” is the word that comes to mind when I think of the sound quality of this album. Produced by Tom Tatman, the album shows the band has found a very solid partner.”Mark Lush, Midwest on East Eighteen’s “In The Event That You’re Right” CD
The main thing I learned from this studio experience was that Tom Tatman was great at recording – how he captures the sounds. We all learned a lot from him, definitely. He’s got techniques that really work.Joel Ekman, Stone Sour, in East Coast Romper
“It’s tempting to overprize producer Tom Tatman’s pure cunning in capturing a vocal elation normally heard only in live barn jams…Crystal Blue Morning is one of the best local releases to come out in this or any other year….you can put it in the CD changer with Allison Kraus, Gillian Welch or even Ralph Stanley and not have it seem out of its league.”Todd Kimm, Little Village, on Mike and Amy Finders' ``Crystal Blue Morning`` CD
The way Tom engineers and produces makes it fun to be in the studio – and it’s a great studio. The sound is incredible.Jim Root, Slipknot, in the Waterloo Courier, on the Stone Sour project
“The album, originally conceived as a demo, was made to be much more by producer Tom Tatman. “The kind of work that Tom does, makes you feel like this is the most important work you’re going to do in your creative life”-Annie Savage, ArtScene Magazine on The Mayflies CD
“Good as the University of Northern Iowa’s Jazz Band One is – and trust me, it’s amazingly good – the first thing one notices about the groups most recent album, Memento, is how remarkably bright and clear the recording is. This is how a big band should sound, with soloists and sections evenly balanced and sharply defined with an agreeably “live” presence.”Jack Bowers, All About Jazz, on University of Northern Iowa Jazz Band One ``Memento`` CD .